Standard Equipment Includes:

- Ansi B11.4 Requirements 
- Power Operated Back Gauge with Lift 
- Digital Back Gauge Indicator at Front of Machine 
- Instant Knife Clearance 
- Lights for Line Shearing 
- 10 Inch Throat with Guard 
- Knife and Hold Down Guard 
- Steelweld Low Inertia Air Operated 
- Friction Disc Clutch and Brake 
- Main Drive Vee Belts and Motor Sheave 
- Hand Slots 
- Dove Tail Slots 
- Footswitch Control 
- Guards on Clutch and Flywheel and Vee Belts 
- Removable Scrap Chute  
   (Except with Conveyor System) 
-Ball Transfers on1/2 inch capacity and larger 
- (2) Front Gauge Extension Arms with Gauges 
- Automatic Lubrication 
- Jic General Purpose Control (EGP-1-1967) with Fused Disconnect


Pivoted Blade:
Steelweld pioneered the pivoted blade principle to eliminate the maintenance and operational weaknesses of guillotine type shears. In the Steelweld shear the blade turns on pivot pins. There are no guides and slides to wear and cause inaccuracies. The sheared piece drops freelyy without binding, because the upper knife swins away from the lower one.
With the pivot blade design, the blade operated on two heavy pivot pins and travels in a circular path. The wear at the pivot bearings is minimal because shear forces are balanced and the blade turns only a few degrees on the pin.Welded Frame:
The Steelweld shear frame is Fabricated of heavy rolled-steel plate. Bed, end housings and crown are welded into a solid one-piece unit that resists twisting and deflection. There are no bolted connections to loosen and misalign. Stresses are distributed proportionately to all parts of the frame.

Built to Order:
If the standard Steelweld model doesn't fit your requirements, let us quote on one that exactly matches your needs. Shear capacities up to 2 inches are possible as well as beds up to 35 feet long and extra deep throats.

Power Back Gauge:
The back gauge is easy and convenient to use. The operating control and indicator are both on the front of the shear. Push button power operation is standard. Lead screws are mounted on ball bearings and have a backlash take-up adjustment. The gauge can be quickly lifted up to clear long plates. The back gauge is of heavy-duty construction is anticipation of the shocks encountered with shearing of heavy plate. An optional tapering attachment is available.

Front Gauges:
Standard on Steelweld shears are squaring bar and flush stainless steel rule at each end of the bed and two front gauge extension arms, each with a standard stop.